ASA continues to support all coaches (volunteer & paid) and encourages them to seek out new & additional educational opportunities. ASA has two outstanding in-club Learning Facilitators, who are responsible for the delivery of the on field/technical components of Grassroots Coach Education – Trevor O’Neill (AS/Fun/L2T) and Colin Miller (S4L).

Coach Application

ASA Coach Application Form
Responsible Coach – Code of Conduct 
Criminal Records Check (CRC)

Safe Sport

The words “Safe Sport” transcend sports injuries, and dangerous equipment or hazardous field conditions. At its core, Safe Sport is about how individuals feel, how they are treated, respected, and valued.  Abuse, although rare, can occur in both overt and subtle ways.  Neither is acceptable.  In this section, we will share resources and materials designed to ensure all stakeholders in our ‘beautiful game’ participate in safe and supportive environments. We’ll also share critical contact information to those who feel they are the victims of abuse and maltreatment or have seen potentially abusive situations within their sporting environment.  Please use This Link to direct you to the new ITP Sport confidential and anonymous reporting system, or call the toll-free anonymous and confidential line: 1-800-758-9412

ASA Safe Sport Position Statement: 

ASA believes in promoting a safe environment for our athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators. We believe in treating every person with respect and dignity in an inclusive space. The welfare of everyone involved in soccer is the foremost consideration and in particular, the protection of children in the sport is the responsibility of everyone involved.

ASA Safe Sport Roster

  1. Criminal Records Check (CRC)
  2. Make Ethical Decisions
  3. Making Head Way in Soccer
  4. Respect in Sport – Activity Leader
  5. Respect in Sport – Workplace
  6. Respect in Sport – Parents
  7. Safeguarding at ASA
  8. Zero Tolerance Policy
  9. Gender Equity Policy
  10. Responsible Coaching Movement
  11. Responsible Coach – Code of Conduct
  12. Rule of Two Policy
  13. Commit to Kids Training
  14. ASA Sports Medicine
  15. ASA Sports Science
  16. Extreme Weather Guidelines & Protocols

Additional Resources

Education, Certification & Licensing

Canada Soccer is responsible for the development and certification of all coaches working with players across all environments in Canada through its Coach Education & Certification Program.

Canada Soccer – Coach Education & Certification overview
Canada Soccer – Grassroots Coach Education-program
Emergency Action Plan
NCCP & CAC Multi-Sport Training Modules
Coach Pathway
ASA Coach Certification Process

ASA Resources

ASA Philosophy
ASA Team Coach and Manager Handbook
ASA Technical Policy Manual 2023-24
ASA Quality Coaching – Principles & Structure
ASA In-Club Coach Education & Development
ASA Long Term Player Development – A Club Coach Guide to LTPD
Emergency Action Plan
Accident and Injury Report Form
ASA Sports Medicine 
ASA Sports Science
Technical Programs Standard Operating Procedures
ASA Team Hierarchy, Naming and Placement Policy
Apparel and Branding Policy 2024
Game Video & Performance Analysis

Game Model

Game Model (1-4-3-3)

Annual Training Plans


BC Soccer  Resources

Club GK Development Manual (Stages 1-3)
Club GK Development Manual (Stages 4-7)
Coach Profile
Player Profile
Team Profile
Curriculum: The Ball
Curriculum: The Player
Curriculum: The Team

Canada Soccer Resources

Canada Soccer Pathway: LTPD Community Guide
Canada Soccer Pathway: Coach’s Toolkit Stage One: Active Start
Canada Soccer Pathway: Coach’s Toolkit Stage Two: FUNdamentals
Canada Soccer Pathway: Coach’s Toolkit Stage Three: Learning to Train
Wellness to World Cup

Websites & Videos

Sports Injury Clinic – Injuries affecting young athletes
Let Kids be Kids – The Kids
Let Kids be Kids – The Icons