Abbotsford Soccer Association is making great strides in creating a club where all players can be lifetime members in various ages, levels, and capacities. All players can find an appropriate level of play and programming that meets their desired levels of ambition and commitment.

ASA fully supports and endorses a “Player First” approach, where we make decisions based on the needs of the player. This primary concern and consideration is taken over the desires of a coach or team, who may be motivated to just win games.

Internal Pathway

ASA has a proud history of being a club with many lifetime members, who have played in many programs across various levels of play from their childhood introduction to the sport, through youth play at recreational and competitive levels before moving into the adult game.  

As a priority, ASA coaches consistently ensure (via ongoing evaluation/assessment) that players are playing in an environment that will best help their personal development.

Registration Process

Our registration system is Power Up

When registering it is IMPORTANT that parents create and remember their login details.

The details of the first person you enter MUST be that of the Parent/Guardian. Once this is complete, you will be able to add the details of your child(ren).

All programming that is available to your child(ren) will be displayed under their respective profiles.

Should you have any problems or questions regarding the registration process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our admin staff at or by calling the office 604-859-3033. 


Player Evaluation & Assessment

Once in the team program (Skill Centre Team or BCSPL or Divisional), your team coach, with the support of the club technical director, will carefully monitor the ongoing progression/development of all players, to ensure the safety and successful participation at the respective level of competition to which they are placed. Team coaches are encouraged to provide ongoing feedback to parents and players and to provide a formal end of season assessment to you and the club technical director.

All grassroots programming (U4-U10) is offered as open registration, and as such no evaluation or player assessments are conducted prior to enrollment.   

Technical leads will track player progressions and development through these early programs and offer appropriate feedback and guidance, as players enter the team programming at U11. 


Travel opportunities

From the U11 age groups players will have the opportunity to be part of Skill Centre Team program, which means that weekend game schedules are arranged by various organizations (Leagues) outside of ASA, and that a commitment to travel to various communities around the lower mainland is required at weekends. 


New Player Application

If you are a player aged between 10-17yrs old, it will be beneficial for us to gain a little background and understanding of your soccer experience so that we may best guide you to the appropriate program/team.  We would therefore ask that you first complete the following form – New Player Application Form

Upon receipt of this completed form, our technical team will be in touch to provide specific guidance, and to connect you with the appropriate coaching staff.   

If you are a player aged between 3-9yrs old, you can immediately register with the club and select one of our appropriate, age-related Grassroots programs – No evaluation is required for the younger age groups.


Internal Player Transfer Application Form

For current ASA players who may wish to receive an evaluation, for a potential transfer to another team.

It is important that your current team coach is aware of your ambition and the following information will be shared with both your existing team coach and the coach of the team you are asking to receive an evaluation from.

You must also understand that while player ambition to move to higher levels of play is fully supported, it may not always be possible to grant an evaluation based on the current status of your existing team and that the coach who you are requesting an evaluation from, is under no obligation to offer you a spot on his/her roster.

Please complete the following Internal Player Transfer Form


Development Pathway

Where members have ambition and appropriate abilities to play at the higher level of competition, ASA is delighted to provide the necessary guidance and information to members.

After graduating from the Skill Centre Team program, such programming may be the ASA Selects (Div1), leading to the ASA Premier Team, which competes in the BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) competition. It is from participation within the ASA Premier team which may lead onto opportunities with Provincial, Professional and National team programming.