Abbotsford Soccer Alumni Association

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the Abbotsford Soccer Alumni Association – a platform where memories of the past will converge with the ambitions of the future! This marks a momentous occasion for all former players, coaches, staff, and board members who have contributed to the rich history of our beloved club.


🤝 Renew the Bonds of Yesteryear: Join Us!

We extend a warm invitation to all members of the Abbotsford Soccer family, past and present, to join our newly-formed Alumni Association. This is not just an association; it’s a reunion of old friends, a celebration of shared victories, and a chance to relive the passion that brought us together.


🌐 Sign Up Today: Connect and Reconnect!

Please complete the ASAA Application Form to submit your interest and become a part of this exciting community. Reconnect with former teammates, coaches, staff, and board members. Share your stories, reminisce about the glory days, and forge new connections.


👥 Support the Future: Empower the Next Generation!

While nostalgia is a driving force, our commitment to the future remains unwavering. The Alumni Association aims to support the current efforts of the Abbotsford Soccer Association in providing an exceptional soccer experience for today’s members and future generations. Your involvement can make a significant impact – be it through mentorship, coaching clinics, or supporting club initiatives.


📅 Inaugural Alumni Gathering:

To kick off this exciting journey, we are planning an inaugural Alumni Gathering. Those completing the ASAA Application Form will receive additional information and details – an opportunity to meet old friends, share stories, and witness the legacy of Abbotsford Soccer continue to flourish.


🎉 Let’s Build a Legacy Together!

Whether you were a goal-scoring maestro, a strategic coach, a dedicated staff member, or a visionary board member – your contribution is a vital chapter in the story of Abbotsford Soccer. Let’s come together, celebrate our shared history, and lay the foundation for an even brighter future.


Join us in shaping the legacy of Abbotsford Soccer – where the past, present, and future converge on the field of dreams. Together, let’s create a soccer experience that transcends generations!




Alan Errington,

Chair, Abbotsford Soccer Alumni Association