The Abbotsford Soccer Association is a community based soccer club that has been serving the Abbotsford area since 1968.  The A.S.A. is currently the only club in Abbotsford meeting the B.C. Soccer Association’s Level 1 Club Charter recommendations.  

Our programs offer opportunities for players of all abilities from ages 3 to 18 with affiliations with some adult teams as well.  We encourage parents and players to get involved in the club as coaches, assistant coaches, managers, game officials or sponsors.  As proud members of the Canadian Soccer Association, we fully support the ongoing education of coaches and game officials.

Soccer Age groups use the “Ux” naming convention. “U” stands for Under and the number is the age. Therefore, a U12 Group is for players under 12 years old.

Soccer School in Abbotsford

Outlined below are the programs we offer in our club.  Don’t hesitate to call us at the office, 604-859-3033 or fire an email to or

First Kicks (U4 – U6)

This program relies on Parent involvement. Parents willing to be facilitators will receive the guidance of one of our Club Coaches. A Club Coach will be on site to provide leadership for all sessions. All curricula will be provided along with other support from our Leadership Academy players.

Parent involvement is critical to the program as the ratio of player to coach must be kept to about 6:1 according to Canadian Soccer Association guidelines.

All parent facilitators helping for the complete program will receive a credit, equivalent to one registration fee, towards future programming or camp in Spring 2020.

Key aspects of this program include lots of touches on the ball, passing, technical skill development, team play, mini-games, and just having fun.

Each session will be divided up into a number of station-based activities, designed to make the game fun while learning new skills that include individual physical literacy development (with & without the ball) along with some paired activities and team play.

Players will be provided with a club jersey and a pair of socks.

Discoveries (U7 – U10)

The Discoveries program relies heavily on Parent Facilitators (limited experience is OK). Head Coach – Trevor O’Neill, will provide oversight, leadership and curriculum for all training sessions. Additional support will be provided by the ASA Coach Development Manager, Rick Erickson. Members of the Leadership Academy will be appointed to assist with delivery of sessions, as appointed by program Staff.  

Key aspects of this program include lots of touches on the ball, technical skill development, team play and mini-games.

Each session will be divided up into activities designed to make the game fun, while learning new skills that include individual physical literacy development (with & without the ball) along with some cooperative activities and team play.

Saturday Game Days are designated as the “Players Day”, when players get to play the game and express themselves in their own unique way! Players will be reminded of the training focus from the previous week and encouraged to implement ideas into their game day.  Coaches will have minimum input other than to encourage, support the learning process, recognize player achievements and ensure all attending players receive min 50% playing time. 

All parent facilitators helping for the complete program (Fall or Winter) will receive a rebate, equivalent to one registration fee, as credit towards future programming or camp in Spring 2020. 

Discoveries Academy (U7 – U10)

The Discoveries Academy is delivered by Head Coach, Trevor O’Neill and other qualified staff. Sessions take place on Monday nights.  The Academy sessions are for individuals (U7-U10) who wish to receive additional training/guidance with respect to their personal development. By committing to this additional training program, the players can expect to enhance dribbling, turning, passing and shooting skills.

Prospects (U9 – U10)

Prospects is an Academy style station-based training program facilitated by ASA Staff coaches. Players with a competitive edge are envouraged to participate in this advanced development program for the 2010 & 2011 birth years. 

A mix of game formats (3v3 – 7v7) will be available to the players throughout this program, which will provide for lots of engagement and learning to take place.

This is a twice a week training program plus weekend games that are a balance of in-house matches and Jamboree style days featuring matches against other clubs.  Limited travel may be involved.

Super 8s Divisional  (U11 – U12)

Typically, Boys will train on Mondays and Wednesdays, Girls train on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This cannot be confirmed until team coaches are appointed.  Saturday games for the Boys, Sunday games for the Girls

This is a twice a week training program with games on the weekend.  These teams usually travel within the Fraser Valley with girls playing on Sundays, boys on Saturdays.

Coaches for these teams are Parent Volunteers who have been certified by BC Soccer.  Our club offers support for the development and training of these coaches with all course work being paid for by the club.  As well, all Parent Volunteer coaches receive the support and guidance of an Age Group staff coach who will visit the team (Training and Games) throughout the season.  

The Parent Volunteer will also receive full credit for their child’s fees once the season is complete.  This credit can be used towards future ASA programs.

Super 8s Selects (U11 – U12)

This is an ‘Invitation Only’ program featuring paid club coaches.  The format is similar to Super 8s Divisional with two training session weekly and weekend matches.  Some travel is involved.  Players are selected through an evaluation and invitation process.

Divisional (U13 – U18)

Divisional teams will be placed in leagues commensurate with their levels of ability.  Team travel is usually within the Fraser Valley but may also go into other areas of Greater Vancouver.  League schedules are supplied in late August.

This is a three times a week program with 2 weekday training sessions and games on Saturdays or Sundays.  This program is run by BC Soccer Association certified Parent Volunteer Coaches.  These coaches will be supported by Club Coaches with online curriculum and ongoing coaching support and training.  Full certification will be provided and paid for by the club.  Parent Coaches will receive full credit for their child’s registration to be put towards future ASA programming.

A Club Coach can be hired by Divisional teams at an added cost of $300.00 per player. 

Community Soccer League (U11 – U18)

This is an ASA in-house game-based recreation program for those not wishing to travel and/or new players wishing to sample the sport for the first time. Players are placed within the appropriate age groups (likely multi-year groups) and balanced teams are formed.  Teams play each week with minimal coaching and modified game rules.

The small sided games format encourages lots of touches on the ball.  The smaller playing area is perfect for lots of opportunities for scoring, technical skill development, and quick coaching tips.

Games/sessions remain the same each week, so families can set their schedules ahead of time.  Costs include BC Soccer Registration, Fraser Valley Registration, Insurance, Club Coach, administration, club shirt and field and lighting costs.