The following guidance is taken from the BC Soccer Premier League U14 (2011) Evaluation & Selection booklet – Click Here for a copy of the full document.


U14 (2011) Evaluation Philosophy

The purpose of the BCSPL is to bring identified players into training and game environments that support the player’s overall development, as well as providing further opportunities for identification into higher levels of play including, Provincial Programming, University, Professional/National teams programming and progressing into adult community soccer. It is recognized that the identification process can be extremely stressful for young players. This is particularly true if player identification is done through a traditional “tryout”, which provides a relatively limited opportunity to demonstrate the ability to play at the BCSPL level in an unfamiliar and high stress environment.  

In addition to being stressful on young players, tryouts are also not the most effective way to evaluate players. Evaluating players on an ongoing basis over an extended period of time, preferably in an environment in which they are comfortable, is a better approach in terms of the effectiveness of the evaluation and in limiting the amount of stress on young players. 

While creating an inclusive environment that provides opportunities for all players with the desire and ability to compete at the BCSPL level is a priority, doing so holistically and taking a player-first approach to identification, which considers the mental, social, and emotional well-being of these young athletes in addition to their technical, tactical, and physical ability, is essential.  

Wherever possible the BCSPL Intake Evaluation Philosophy and Process shall rely on continuous evaluation of players to determine if they are at the BCSPL level and therefore suitable for selection to a BCSPL Intake Roster. This is most easily achieved by BCSPL clubs and or their “designated partner clubs” that have a grassroots program (U13 and younger) that includes league play. For the clubs lacking this supporting programming infrastructure, a similar suitable evaluation environment should be created. Players should be evaluated within U13 team or training environments, and without “tryouts” taking place. “Open Tryouts” (or other similarly structured evaluation events) cannot be advertised for BCSPL programs. 

In principle, players should participate in the BCSPL program that is closest to them. This reduces the amount of time that the player will spend travelling to and from training and games. The goal of the intake evaluation process is to determine if a player is at the BCSPL level, while considering the most effective and least stressful processes. Clubs should form their BCSPL teams from players within their club and partner clubs before considering players from other clubs. 

With the above Philosophy in mind and respective of the fact that not every player can be evaluated in the same manner, below is the U14 Intake Evaluation Process for 2011 – born players.


U14 Intake (2011) Evaluation Process: 

  1. There are no boundaries in place within the BCSPL; therefore, a player from any location within BC has the opportunity to be selected by any one of the current BCSPL clubs.


  1. Within the BC Soccer membership and for purposes of BCSPL Player Evaluation and Selection, clubs and their registered players are divided into four categories. For these purposes, a player’s U13 club or league team (where they appear on an official team roster) defines where they are officially registered* (BC Soccer registration) and the category into which they would fall below:


Player Categories:

A = Players currently registered with a BCSPL club.

B = Players currently registered with a BCSPL “designated partner club.”** 

C = Players currently registered with a club that has no BCSPL affiliation.

D =  Players currently registered with a BCSPL club or designated partner club who would like to be evaluated for BCSPL participation by a club other than the club at which they are currently registered.


Player Identification and Evaluation Process:

a. Category “A” Players are training and playing matches with a BCSPL club and should be evaluated in that environment. A supplemental tryout is not necessary to determine if these players are at the BCSPL level.

b. Category “B” Players are training and playing matches with a “designated partner club” and can be evaluated in their home environment as a part of the working relationship with the BCSPL club or invited to be evaluated in the BCSPL club training environment to determine if they are at the BCSPL level. A tryout is not necessary to determine if these players are at the BCSPL level.

c. Category “C” Players may be scouted and observed in their current environment at any time and may be invited to be evaluated for BCSPL participation as outlined in BC Soccer Rule 21***, with the following requirements:

  1. Permission to contact players to offer an opportunity for evaluation to join the BCSPL shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  2. If the player’s current club Technical Director does not comply with the request, the BCSPL organization may contact BC Soccer for permission to approach the player’s parent or guardian or coach/official of the player’s current team.


Category “D” Players may participate in the BCSPL evaluation process with the following restrictions:  

  1. BCSPL clubs are not permitted to contact a player or parent or guardian of a player who is registered with another BCSPL club at any time. No attempt to recruit, persuade, or entice players from another BCSPL club shall be permitted. Recruitment refers to the unsolicited, deliberate, proactive, persuasion or attempted persuasion of a player registered to another organization, with the intention of enticing them to leave their current organization.
  2. Contact with players registered at other BCSPL organizations may be initiated by the player’s parents or guardians only. Clubs may offer an evaluation opportunity once contact has been initiated.
  3. If an evaluation opportunity is offered, the club must inform the parent/guardian that the Technical Director of the club at which the player is registered will be informed. The Technical Director of the club offering the evaluation must inform the Technical Director of the club at which the player is registered of the evaluation prior to it occurring.



How does ASA apply this guidance to their BCSPL selections?


The process for the upcoming ASA BCSPL Intake team selection is as follows:

To comply with the Canadian Soccer Association National Youth Club Licence and the BC Soccer evaluation and selection criteria, ASA, and its FV Alliance partner clubs, will continue to utilize season-long evaluation and scouting processes.

As you are aware, FV Alliance partners have formed the FV Alliance Centre of Excellence (ACE), which operates an eight (8) month evaluation & assessment program starting in Spring and ending in the Winter of the following year.

Player performance within their home club during training and games is the most significant evaluation period. This period is the main opportunity for players to showcase their abilities and earn selection to the BCSPL Intake team.


What is the timeline that ASA will be offering BCSPL Intake spots to players in the 2011 age group?

ASA can offer an invitation to join a BCSPL team to players that are currently registered at the U13 Age Group from mid-January to February 28.


How are players evaluated and selected?

Players will be evaluated and selected through a combination of scouting at training sessions, games, FV ACE sessions, feedback from U13 club coaches, and feedback from respective club Technical Directors. Club Technical Directors, technical staff, U13 club coaches, and Intake team head coaches will spend time familiarizing themselves with players within the age group over several months, and in some cases years, which ensures that players have been thoroughly evaluated within the numerous environments available. This process ensures that final selections can be based on player performance over the course of the season, and indeed over recent years (U12-U13).

The coaching staff will evaluate players in their various developmental environments using a variety of different structures, training sessions, academy sessions, small-sided games, 11-a-side games, tiered environments, and balanced environments in order to see how players respond to different challenges and levels. Players may find themselves in a higher tier one session, and a lower tier in another session. Being placed in a higher or lower tier is not an indicator a player will be offered a spot and it is not an indicator they won’t be offered a spot. Tiering allows the coaches to place players into different environments in order to create the best opportunity for them to showcase themselves. In order for players to showcase themselves best, this may mean being in the highest tier, the lowest tier, or even a balanced environment. Regardless of the structure, player placement should not be seen as guaranteed selection to the program. It’s a long process and players can change a lot over the duration of the process.


How many players are selected?

Between 14-17 outfield players and between 1-2 goalkeepers to make a team of 16-18 players’ total.

When will players be offered spots?

Players can be offered spots any time from mid-January to February 28th. Some players may be offered spots mid-January, while some may be offered spots later in the window if further evaluation is required.​

If offered a spot, do players need to accept immediately?

For the purpose of concluding the process quickly, we hope that players will accept immediately upon being offered a spot. However, players (through their parent or guardian) are not required to accept BCSPL roster spots immediately. Players and their parents/guardians are encouraged to be respectful of the club making the offer of a roster spot as they may be required to offer opportunities to other players on challenging timelines if a response is not provided in a timely manner. Responses to all invitations to join BCSPL teams are required within 5 days.

Can I share information with other players if I am offered a spot?

As you can appreciate, the process may raise a lot of anxiety for players who are waiting to receive an offer. Therefore, we would ask that families manage the situation with understanding, empathy, and compassion for those involved in the process who may not have been offered a spot immediately. As such, we would request that no information is shared verbally, by text, or on any social media platforms until the process is complete. We would ask those who receive an offer celebrate this news privately and respectfully within their own immediate family and allow the process to complete before sharing information. In advance, parents should take an active role in mentally preparing and managing their child in how to deal with the situation should they be offered a spot or not.


When will players be informed if they are not being offered a spot?

Players not being offered a spot will be informed via email on March 1st and/or once the roster has been completed.