Update for May 26, 2020

COVID-19 Update: ASA Planning for ‘Return to Play’


As a club, we continue to monitor updates from the Public Health Office, Canada Soccer, BC Soccer and a couple of other government agencies.  It does seem we are drawing closer to a startup date but a few more things must fall into place prior to us making any firm plans.  First and foremost, player, coach, and member safety must be considered and that is driving all the decisions being made at this time.

All sports must have a ‘Return To Play’ plan in place clearly outlining how they will address the physical distancing requirements in place at the time.  It is expected that our governing bodies will have some firm guidelines for us in the coming days.  Please keep an eye on our social media for the most up to date information.

Currently, the City of Abbotsford is yet to re-open playing fields.  When they do, we will be ready to book the fields required for our programming.  Please see below for more information and an important short survey.

The ASA is working behind the scenes preparing a number of different options for players once the go ahead is given.  It is most likely that our Return to Play will begin with small group sessions designed to work on individual fitness, technical skills, and perhaps some physical distancing ball work.  Rest assured, all plans will take into consideration appropriate physical distancing, appropriate disinfecting of equipment, and the safety of all involved.

Please keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook accounts and our website for the latest updates.

Spring/Summer Program Interest

To help with our planning, we’d appreciate some feedback.

Please click on the link below to participate in a very short survey regarding program interest.  This survey will help us in planning for field space, coaches, and equipment needs as we slowly begin the return to soccer.

The survey will ask about the availability of players during the day as we are aware that schools will not be going back fulltime during June.

At this time, the programming being developed will likely involve a six-week commitment so that appropriate supports can be put into place.  These supports will include coaching staff, disinfecting of equipment between sessions, hand sanitizers, etc.  The sessions will be 45 minutes in duration to allow for an hourly turnover of players in small groups and the cleaning of equipment between sessions.

With this type of program planning, it is likely we won’t be offering summer camps in their usual format.  We are hoping that a four, five, or six week program build up to August will help players get back into ‘soccer shape’.  Following this initial programming we can re-assess and prepare for future programs.

Please click HERE to take our survey.

ASA Fall/Winter Registration


To be prepared for ‘regular’ programs, we have opened up our Fall/Winter Registration.  Please note that we have changed our online registration system back to SpAppz, a local BC company that we’ve worked with in the past.  They are providing us with amazing service and have helped us a great deal with our changeover.  We also feel a lot better working with a BC company rather than the larger American entities that simply couldn’t provide the same level of service.

If you have been with us for a few years, you might even have an account with them. If that’s the case, you can ask for a new password or username.  Otherwise, registration is quick and painless through the new system.  You can access the direct link HERE.  For more in-depth program information, please go to our website,, and look under Programs.

Please note that both the GotSoccer and StackSports systems are still ‘live’ for you to obtain any receipts or account history but we are no longer using them for registration.

You can fire any questions you might have regarding registration by connecting with one of us below:

General Inquiries, Payment Plans, Switch Spring Payment to Fall Registration

Diane Turner, Office Manager 

Player Placement, Program Content, Coaching Interest

Ian Knight, Technical Director 

General Inquiries                 

Dan Village, General Manager 

Coach Registration Form 


We have again switched systems for online registrations and for coaching registration.  We have moved everything over to the SpAppz system so will need all coaches and coach wannabes to register using the link below.

The Coach Registration system allows us to communicate directly with coaches, is used to track coach qualifications and Criminal Record Check status and to share general information.

If you are a coach now and have not yet registered into the new system, please do so now.  If you wish to become a coach, please register and our Technical Director, Ian Knight, will be in touch with you.

Go to our website,, click on the MEMBER INFO link, then onto the COACH section.  You’ll find the Coach Registration link at the bottom of the coach page. I’ve also provided a link for you here –

Questions, Comments, Concerns, Suggestions?


We encourage you to connect with us regarding any questions or suggestions.  It is imperative, especially at times like these, that you are getting accurate information.  We pride ourselves on being a progressive club that focuses on the needs of our members.

Do not hesitate to connect with one of us regarding your thoughts, ideas for change, questions, or concerns.  Working together, we can continue to grow this club in a way that it truly meets the needs of all our members.