Dates: Sept 15 – Dec 17
Player’s Birth Year: 2003-2010
Program Cost: $250.00
($125.00 upon Registration, $125.00 Sep 30)

The Community Soccer League – Youth Division is an in-house game-based program, which is ideal for new players and those inexperienced players not wishing to join a travel team program. The program is overseen by Head Coach – Trevor O’Neill, who will provide oversight and leadership for all sessions.

Key aspects of this program include; activities designed to make the game fun, while learning new skills that include individual physical literacy development (with & without the ball) along with some cooperative activities and team play.

Saturday Game Days are designated as the “Players’ Day”, when players get to play the game and express themselves in their own unique way! Parent coaches will have minimum input other than to encourage, support the learning process, recognize player achievements and ensure all attending players receive min 50% playing time. 

All parent facilitators helping for the complete program (Fall or Winter) will receive a credit, equivalent to one registration fee, towards spring 2021 programming or spring break camp 2021.

September 15 – December 17

Midweek Training Schedule – All Training at Berry Park

U11 – U13: 2008-2010 Boys & Girls    Wednesdays      6:45 – 8:00pm

U14 – U18: 2003-2007 Boys & Girls    Thursdays          6:45 – 8:00pm


Saturday Game Day Schedule – All Games at Abbotsford Senior Secondary Turf Field

September 19 – December 19     (No Game Day Oct 10)

U11 – U13: 2008-2010 Boys & Girls    2:00 pm – 3:15 pm

U14 – U18: 2003-2007 Boys & Girls    3:30 PM – 4:45 PM