For a variety of reasons teams/coaches are sometimes faced with the need of having to request a player from another team, either for a short period of time (game permit) or on a full-time basis (transfer).
For all such instances, the following protocol MUST be followed, in order to maintain the integrity and respect of everyone involved…

i) A letter/e-mail must be sent to the club Technical Director (TD), Ian Knight ( enclosing all the relevant detail, as to why a player is requested.

ii) The TD will give full consideration to the request, as well as to make the first contact with the Head Coach from whose team a player is requested.
**Please note…this should NOT be done by the requesting coach!

iii) The TD will contact the parents of the player being offered the opportunity to move up.
**Please note…this should NOT be done by the requesting coach!

iv) If the opportunity is accepted, then the relevant paperwork can be completed, by all parties.

v) If the opportunity is rejected, by the player, no further action will be taken.

If a registered player within Abbotsford Soccer Association seeks to move to another team or seeks to be evaluated by a coach for a potential move to another team/level of play, then that player is encouraged to complete the ASA Internal Player Transfer Form