Update for May 9, 2020

We hope this update finds you and your family in good health.  Our club continues to work behind the scenes to be ready for what our ‘new normal’ might look like in the weeks to come.

Please have a read through the following and let us know of any questions, comments, or concerns you might have regarding what’s happening with the club.

We’d like to keep you as informed and up to date as possible. If you have a burning question, it’s most likely other do as well. Please ask.  We’d like to ensure you are getting the most up to date and accurate information as possible.

COVID-19 Update

Our club continues to monitor the updates from the Health Authorities, Canada Soccer, and the BC Soccer Association.  At this point, we may still be some time away from soccer being played as it was just a year ago.  Rest assured that the ASA is doing everything possible to be ready for any number of scenarios as the province works through its four-phase program of re-opening things from our current situation.

Our provincial governing body, BC Soccer, has been in touch with clubs to gather information, ideas, and strategies that will form the basis for how we gradually roll out different programs according to the protocols of the provincial health people and our governing soccer bodies.  BC Soccer is also part of a multi-sport discussion group discussing ideas and strategies to share with the government to support ways to get our different sports back up and running safely and efficiently.

ASA Fall/Winter Registration

To be prepared for ‘regular’ programs, we have opened up our Fall/Winter Registration. Please note that we have changed our online registration system back to SpAppz, a local BC company that we’ve worked with in the past.  They are providing us with amazing service and have helped us a great deal with our changeover.  We also feel a lot better working with a BC company rather than the larger American entities that simply couldn’t provide the same level of service.

If you have been with us for a few years, you might even have an account with them. If that’s the case, you can ask for a new password or username.  Otherwise, registration is quick and painless through the new system.  You can access the direct link HERE.

For more in-depth program information, please go to our website, www.abbotsfordsoccer.com, and look under Programs.

Please note that both the GotSoccer and StackSports systems are still ‘live’ for you to obtain any receipts or account history but we are no longer using them for registration.

You can fire any questions you might have regarding registration by connecting with one of us below:

General Inquiries, Payment Plans, Switch Spring Payment to Fall Registration

Diane Turner, Office Manager           info@abbotsfordsoccer.com

Player Placement, Program Content, Coaching Interest

Ian Knight, Technical Director           td@abbotsfordsoccer.com

General Inquiries

Dan Village, General Manager           gm@abbotsfordsoccer.com


Fall/Winter Programs and Return to Play

Our Fall/Winter program registrations fees reflect the ‘return to normal’ costs that we’ve historically experienced.  Any fee increases are due to increased costs that we have recently experienced or have been alerted to.  These increases are generally ‘across the board’ and include increased BC Soccer fees, Fraser Valley District fees, kit and equipment increases, and costs for referees. Fields rentals and lights also go into that mix.  Our club also covers the costs of our volunteer coaches as Canada and BC Soccer requires all coaches to have the appropriate level of certification for their level of play.  This ensures that your child is receiving the appropriate coaching and curriculum expected at any given level and is our way of saying ‘thanks’ to those dedicating their time to our kids.

By taking the time to register into the Fall/Winter programming now, it allows us to properly plan for field allocations, assign coaches, and to plan for kit and equipment orders.

That said, we are not in control of how the Fall/Winter programming might roll out.  It could look completely different.  Any ‘Return To Play’ programs will either be outlined for us or have to be approved by our governing bodies.  Once we get the ‘go-ahead’ to run any programs, we will give all our members plenty of warning regarding what our next steps look like.  Should we have to change programming, we will let you know what the options are for re-registering and moving credits into the alternative programs.


BC Soccer Association Scholarship Information

This year, BC Soccer is looking to hear applicants’ soccer stories in a video as a part of their application! For those graduating students interested in applying, more information including tips and criteria for submitting a good video, application evaluation key and an example video are all available on BC Soccer’s website: https://bcsoccer.net/awards-scholarships

Questions, Comments, Concerns, Suggestions?

We encourage you to connect with us regarding any questions or suggestions.  It is imperative, especially at times like these, that you are getting accurate information.  We pride ourselves on being a progressive club that focuses on the needs of our members.

Do not hesitate to connect with one of us regarding your thoughts, ideas for change, questions, or concerns.  Working together, we can continue to grow this club in a way that truly meets the needs of all our members.

info@abbotsfordsoccer.com               gm@abbotsfordsoccer.com                 td@abbotsfordsoccer.com