Update for March 2021


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The ASA held its COVID Olympics over the course of the last couple of weekends of February.  Teams were invited to participate in a number of challenges with team scores adding up to find the winners for different age groups and competitive levels in our club.

There were also individual prizes for players on each team and overall Girls and Boys individual winners.  Check out the Canadian Tire Players of the Month section below to see who were the top individual scorers in the club!

Each player went through a series of technical challenges during the COVID Olympics.

  1. Ball Juggling          Running Shot                          3.         Slalom Dribbling (Timed)
  2. Target Shooting 5.         T-Shuffle (timed)                     6.         Turn and Burn (Timed)


  • U11/U12 Boys Competitive: U11 Hurricane (D. Schmidt)
  • U11/U12 Boys Recreational: U12 Lightning (Waterston)
  • U11/U12 Girls Competitive: U11 Storm (Astles)
  • U11/U12 Girls Recreational: U12 Hurricane (Verrault)
  • U13/U14 Boys Competitive: U14 Hurricane (Longoria)
  • U13/U14 Boys Recreational: U13 Hurricane (S. Schmidt)
  • U13/U14 Girls Competitive: U14 Storm (Harman)
  • U13/U14 Girls Recreational: U13 Storm (S. Schmidt)
  • U15-U18 Boys Competitive: U15 Hurricane (Chapman)
  • U15-U18 Boys Recreational: U15 Thunder (Jeras)/U16 Lightning (Gerspacher) Combined Group
  • U15-U18 Girls Competitive: U15 Storm (Connorton)

 A huge thanks to all the players, volunteers, and club staff that came out in sometimes rather inclement weather to ensure this activity could take place.

Judging from the competitive spirit and good-natured ‘encouragement’, along with the smiles on the players’ faces, it all demonstrated their enjoyment of the activity.

Spring Break and Spring Program Registration Still Open

Please note that, due to COVID restrictions, registration limits are in place.

The ASA adheres to all Public Health Orders and has COVID policies in place at all venues and activities.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has indicated we will likely see some easing of restrictions in the coming weeks.  She highlighted a number of different entities, outdoor sports being one of them.  We are hopeful we will see some semblance of normality returning to the pitches in the very near future.

Until then, we will continue to adhere to all local and provincial health protocols.  Club staff and volunteer coaches have done an amazing job of adapting their programming to ensure all our players are kept safe while still providing a challenging and practical soccer environment. 

Spring Programs and Spring Break Camps can be found  HERE

Spring Excel Academy Programs can be found HERE 

Please note that we have returned to the GotSoccer Online Registration System.

You will be required to open a new profile when registering for these programs.

Your ‘old’ GotSoccer profile will no longer be applicable to these new programs.

Why did we switch back to GotSoccer?  First and foremost, there is a significant savings in working with GotSoccer as they are also the online registration program for most of the Fraser Valley District and the Cascadia League.  This helps us with communication, scheduling, and ease of player movement between programs and leagues.

As well, they offer unlimited communication for our club and also have a robust mobile presence that should help our teams in planning and communication. 

If you require any help with the new system, please fire an email to Dan at

 Annual General Meeting Held Online March 7th

Our Annual General Meeting took place on March 7th from 7:00 pm.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS for 2021/2022

Term Ends 2022

President:  John Werrell                 

Secretary:  Mark Byrne

Gurp Mahil

Aaron Salter

Steve Gerspacher                 

Term Ends 2023 

Vice-President: Nick Field

Treasurer: (Being filled by Mark Byrne)

Margaret Minhas

Spencer Schmidt

John Richardson

 Curtis Hines

There was no new business except for establishing the Board of Directors for the coming year.

Survey for Strategic Plan

             The Abbotsford Soccer Association is embarking on the development of a Strategic Plan to help create a clear direction for the future.  As members of the ASA, your input is critical to the Plan.

We have developed a survey to help provide valuable information to the Strategic Plan Committee. We ask that you answer the questions honestly and thoughtfully.  It is critical that we hear from members to help us create a long-range vision for Abbotsford Soccer.

**Our apologies to those members that have already submitted their responses.  Your contact details were not saved and we’d like to include you in our Participation Prizes.  Please take a few moments to re-submit your responses to be eligible for the prizes.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey HERE.

All those participating in the Survey will have their emails entered into a draw for the following prizes:

  1. The team with the highest percentage of responses will win a Pizza Party (all COVID safe, of course)
  2. A random draw will be held for a $100.00 Gift Certificate to Canadian Tire

A.S.A.’s Canadian Tire Player of the Month

Proudly Sponsored by your Locally Owned and Operated Canadian Tire Store

We are proud to announce Ella Wilson (U14 G Storm) and Matthew Mikszan (U13 B Hurricane) as our January and February Canadian Tire Players of the Month!

These two were the top individual point ‘getters’ for the club during our recent COVID Olympics!

Both players are receiving a $100.00 Canadian Tire Gift Certificate courtesy of our Abbotsford Canadian Tire Store!

Get The Answers You Need!

You can fire any questions you might have regarding registration by connecting with one of us below:

General Inquiries, Payment Plans, Switch Spring Payment to Fall Registration

Diane Turner, Office Manager 

Player Placement, Program Content, Coaching Interest

Ian Knight, Technical Director 

General Inquiries, Sponsorships, Referee Training                      

Dan Village, General Manager 

Questions, Comments, Concerns, Suggestions?

We encourage you to connect with us regarding any questions or suggestions.  It is imperative, especially at times like these, that you are getting accurate information.  We pride ourselves on being a progressive club that focuses on the needs of our members.

Do not hesitate to connect with one of us regarding your thoughts, ideas for change, questions, or concerns.  Working together, we can continue to grow this club in a way that it truly meets the needs of all our members.

Remember, we are all in this together.  We don’t like to think we have ‘customers’, we like to think we have ‘members’.  If you have an idea, suggestion, or comment, we need to hear it!             


Abbotsford Soccer Association is a Canada Soccer Quality Soccer Provider

The Abbotsford Soccer Association is proud to display Canada Soccer’s logo along with our own.

Our Technical staff and coaches, along with support from the Board of Directors and office staff, have worked hard to develop and maintain programs that meet the standards set by both our Provincial and National governing bodies.

We have met and maintained the standards set in the areas of Technical, Governance, and Administrative protocols.

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