Congratulations to ASA coaches John Birkic, Rick Erickson, Alex Newby and our Technical Director, Ian Knight.  All four have completed the CSA’s Children’s Licence.  We are proud to be so well-represented at this program and have these coaches continue to positively impact our ASA programming!

The Children’s Licence has been built as an A Licence equivalent for coaches working with children between the ages of 5-12. The Licence aims to provide coaches with the tools they need to create the best development environments for as many players as possible at their club/academy.
The Children’s Licence content involves theoretical and practical components focusing on children’s development in soccer and was delivered via 9 days 

(2 days in May, 5 days in July and 2 days in Oct) of in-person workshops + online modules + video evaluation process.

The workshops covered content including:

Transformational Coaching
Practice Theory
Social/Emotional Development of Children
Challenging Players
Developing Creativity
Talent Identification and Development
The Role of Maturation in Youth Soccer
Small-Sided Games
Grouping Players
Appropriate Competition
What was pleasing from an ASA perspective, was that the content of the Children’s License and preferred program modeling of Canada Soccer for the U6-U12 age groups, is for the most part being employed within our club. The staff coaches in attendance will ensure that the ASA continues to remain aligned with national standards of ‘best practice’ and which will in-turn allow our members to participate in a secure and safe learning environment, appropriate to the needs of each individual player and family.